Peter Close Sculpture

Bronze Otter Sculpture

Peter Close’s bronze otter sculpture in cold cast bronze is a captivating piece of art which captures the essence of these playful creatures. The exquisite craftsmanship brings the otters to life, with intricate details showcasing their sleek bodies and expressive faces.

Depicting a charming and lifelike scene of two otters nestled upon a rugged rock formation. The Otter sculpture captures a moment frozen in time whilst also portraying the playful and social nature of these aquatic creatures. Attention to detail is evident in every curve and texture, showcasing the skill in translating the otters’ essence into a lasting form.

The rock itself is artfully crafted replicating the coarse and uneven surface of natural stone. Providing a sturdy base for the bronze otters and adding an element of authenticity to the scene. The otters are positioned on a rocky platform in a dynamic yet balanced composition.

Crafted with particular attention to detail, this bronze otter sculpture brings to life the endearing charm of these aquatic creatures.

The cold cast bronze technique adds a touch of realism and durability to the sculpture. Thus making it a timeless and cherished work of art that celebrates the beauty of nature.

  • Height  18cm / 7in
  • Length 26cm / 10in
  • Weight 3kg
  • Open Edition
£95.00 £ 95.00