Cat Memorial Sculptures

All of our bronze Cat Sculptures are suitable to use as a memorial to a much missed friend.

At Quarry Farm, we have experienced the loss of many cats throughout the years. In our garden, we have several cat statues that commemorate the resting places of our much-missed cats.

Buff was the first of our cats to be sculpted by Peter. Every time one of his sculptures was sold he would get £1.00 to buy some fish! Buff’s favourite place in the garden is now marked by his very own statue.

A cat memorial sculpture is a meaningful and lasting way to honour the memory of a beloved feline companion that has passed away. Whether your cat was a cherished family member or a loyal friend, memorial sculptures can help you remember and celebrate the special bond you shared.

We craft our cold cast bronze cat sculptures using a specialised casting technique. This technique involves blending real bronze powder with a resin or polymer matrix.

Using cold cast bronze allows for the creation of sculptures that closely resemble traditional bronze sculptures while also being more cost-effective and easier to produce.

A cat memorial statue is a lasting symbol of your cat’s memory. It serves as a permanent fixture in your home or garden. As a result allowing you to remember your cat for years to come.

They are a fitting way to mark the grave of your departed cat. It could be used to mark their favourite spot in the garden or patio.