Peter Close Sculpture

Bronze Hare Sculpture Callisto

Peter Close is a renowned artist known for his exquisite cold cast bronze sculptures. One of his notable creations is the captivating bronze hare sculpture Callisto, which showcases his exceptional talent and artistic vision.

This sculpture captures the beauty of a hare with remarkable attention to detail and a sense of motion frozen in time.

The cold cast bronze technique involves mixing bronze powder with a resin or polymer material. This creates a sculpture that closely resembles the appearance and weight of traditional bronze.

This method allows for greater flexibility and affordability while still achieving the lustrous appearance and durability associated with bronze sculptures.

Peter Close’s bronze hare sculpture exudes a sense of grace and vitality, with its sleek lines and elegant form. The sculpture captures the hare in a characteristic pose. It conveys a sense of energy and movement. The skilful rendering of the hare’s intricate anatomy, emphasising its long, powerful hind legs, delicate facial features, and the unique shape of its ears.

The bronze finish lends a timeless and classical quality to the sculpture, accentuating the fine details and textures. The sculptor’s skill is evident in the meticulous surface treatment, which showcases the hare’s fur, capturing its subtle textures and patterns.

Callisto bronze hare is one of 3 stunning bronze hare sculptures by Peter Close. This delightful cold cast bronze hare will be a fine addition to any home or garden. This hare sculpture is completely weatherproof and is able to withstand very high and very low temperatures so is suitable as a garden ornament.

  • Height 38cm / 15in
  • Weight 3kg
  • Made of cold cast bronze
  • Limited to an edition of 500
£130.00 £ 130.00