Peter Close Sculpture

Lying Long Haired Cat Sculpture Tiger

The bronze lying long haired cat sculpture of Tiger portrays a life-sized long haired cat, sculpted to capture every subtle nuance of its form and character.

The bronze cat sculpture is in a relaxed and contented pose. Its posture is that of a cat at ease, as if inviting you to stroke its soft, cold-cast bronze fur.

The texture and patina of the cold-cast bronze gives the sculpture a lifelike quality. The fur appears soft and velvety, with delicate ripples and patterns that emulate the real thing. The rich, deep brown tones of the bronze further enhance the sculpture’s realism, with subtle variations in colour, from golden highlights to darker shadows, adding depth and dimension.

Its closed eyes convey an air of pure contentment, as if it’s savouring a quiet moment of relaxation.

The sculpture is a study in balance and form. The lying long haired cat sculpture Tiger’s body is perfectly proportioned, and the artist has captured its graceful curves and fluid lines, making it seem as though it could spring into motion at any moment.

  • Height 40cm / 16in
  • Weight 7Kg
  • Made of cold cast bronze
  • Limited to an edition of 500
  • If you are in Europe please email for a shipping quote
£149.00 £ 149.00