Peter Close Sculpture

Sitting Cat Sculpture on a Book Polly

Bronze sitting cat sculpture on a book.

The central focus of the sculpture is the cat, it’s depicted in a lifelike pose. Its body is sleek and sinuous, with every contour and muscle of its form meticulously detailed.

The bronze cat is frozen in a moment of alertness, with its tail gracefully curled around its body, and its ears perked up as if it’s attentively listening to something. Its sharp, intelligent eyes, rendered with exquisite precision, seem to follow your every move.

This is Polly one of our own cats we adopted from Cats Protection, When we went to collect Billy and Murphy there was another very small cat on her own who had just been rescued. She had been found abandoned in a box on a farm. She was so sweet and as soon as we got home we phoned and asked if we could have her as well!

This sitting cat sculpture on a book Polly is perched atop a vintage book. The book serves as the base of the sculpture.

The book is also incredibly detailed, with intricate pages, binding, and even tiny inscriptions on its surface.

The patina of the cold cast  bronze gives it a rich, antique appearance, adding to its appeal. It’s a piece of art that not only celebrates the beauty of the feline form but also symbolises the curiosity and intelligence often associated with cats.

  • Length 38cm/15in
  • Weight 6kg
  • Limited to an edition of 500
£149.00 £ 149.00