Peter Close Sculpture

Bronze Pig Sculpture Susie

Sculptor Peter Close is renowned for his exquisite cold cast bronze sculptures. One of his notable creations is this bronze pig sculpture.

His bronze pig captures the charm and playfulness of this beloved farm animal. Made using the cold cast bronze technique, this sculpture showcases attention to detail and mastery of the medium.

I remember when I was a small boy, around six or seven years old and our walk to school took us past a small farmyard where lived a large and friendly pig.

Susie was a productive sow and often had a litter of piglets for us to admire.

This bronze pig sculpture depicts a lifelike representation of a pig, with a delightful and whimsical touch. The cold cast bronze technique involves mixing bronze powder with a resin or polymer material, which is then poured into a mould. The resulting sculpture has the appearance and weight of solid bronze while being more affordable and easier to handle.

This pig sculpture stands at approximately 20cm tall and showcases Susie the bronze pig in a relaxed and playful pose.

Each feature of this sculpture is meticulously crafted, from the texture of the skin to the wrinkles on her snout. The attention to detail is evident in the realistic depiction of Susie’s curly tail, floppy ears and her endearing expression.

This lovely bronze pig sculpture is cast in the highest quality cold cast bronze and is an open edition.

  • Length 33cm/13in
  • Height 20cm/8in
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Open Edition
£95.00 £ 95.00